rob johnson“It’s a hard grape to grow …..Pinot needs constant attention….it only grows in these specific littlre tucked away corners of the world and only the most patient and nurturing of growers can do it….the flavors are the most haunting and brilliant and thrilling and subtle and ancient on the planet”

From the movie SIDEWAYS, LLC is a direct to consumer resource for those who enjoy the finest Pinots from around the world. is dedicated to finding and sharing select, distinctive, and terroir focused wines from Oregon, California, France, and wherever those “tucked away corners of the world” might produce something special that we at Pinotsonly will share with our friends and family.  Located in the heart of Sonoma Valley California, one of the premier Pinot regions of the world, we spend much of our time traveling   directly to the vineyards and wineries from which we source our wines for you.

We started over 5 years ago but have carefully developed a direct to consumer concept that exceeds other on line retailers.  Focusing on limited wineries that have produced exceptional wines over time, Rob personally chooses all the wines and has not released them to the public till now.  Many of the wines are completely sold out at other retailers.  All of the wines have been carefully stored at a certified and bonded wine storage center in Sonoma County with a long and excellent reputation.  

Rob lived in Oregon for many years where he developed a passion for Pinots, but traveled extensively to Sonoma, Italy and France.  Rob now lives half the year in Bologna , Italy where he is busy acquiring wines for the other specialty brands that will soon be launched (see home page)., LLC is located in Santa Rosa, California. Please join us in celebrating the “most haunting and brilliant and subtle and ancient on the planet”

And look for additional educational and other articles of interest for any of us that love Pinot Noirs from anywhere in the world.
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Sunday, 05 July 2020



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